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Sienna Aczon and Aaron Banes co-created music + video project “The Princess and the Witch Boy” in 2020, during the pandemic. The EP features songs that the two wrote together throughout their (best)friendship, but the recording and filming process happened entirely in quarantine. They recorded in a closet—using a mattress, pillows, and blankets for soundproofing—and sent files to their musician friends in LA for bass, drums, and mixing & mastering. The 4-song EP is available to stream everywhere.

“The Princess and the Witch Boy” has been featured in New Light Theater Project’s Darkroom Series (2020), Undiscovered Works Storytelling Series (2020), and Asian American Film Thing (2022); it was performed live for the first time in 2021 when both Sienna and Aaron received the NYFA City Artist Corps Grant.

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